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Karen Worcester, Executive Director

Wayne Hanson, Chairman of the Board

Board of Directors:

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Charemon DavisFinancial

Tobin Slaven, Director of Digital Marketing; Outreach & Communications

Amber CaronPublic Affairs; Media

HQ Office Staff:

Wayne MerrittVeteran Outreach Program (currently servicing Down East Maine Veterans); General Arlington Participation Questions; Arlington Escort Questions; General WAA information. {WAA Voting Board Member}

Marcy Beardsley, Assistant to Executive Director; Head of Fundraising Department; General WAA Information; Website Maintenance

Jean Matthews, Finance Office Staff Accountant; Merchandise Department; Support Staff

Ann Hayward, Finance Office Staff Accountant; Merchandise Department; Support Staff

Ashley Todd, Finance Office Staff; Merchandise Department; Support Staff

Lil Charron, Events Coordinator;  Arlington Escort Questions; General WAA Information

Melissa Ramsdell, Region 1 Group and Location Liaison; Support Staff, General WAA Information

Rachel Worcester, Region 2 Group and Location Liaison; Support Staff; General WAA Information

Julie Emery, Receptionist; Customer Service; Gym Scheduling (Local Community), Support Staff

Tiffany Strout, Customer Service; Support Staff

Kelly Hinkle, Dog Tag Program; Building Maintenance; Support Staff

Logan Staples, Merchandise Department; Support Staff

Mrs. Nancy Willey, Museum Tours (Part Time)

Remote Office Staff:

Debbie Ruane Sparks, Head of Locations and Logistics Department

Bre Kingsbury, Corporate Development and Community Relations

Susan Patten, Local Public Relations and Media; Support Staff

Marnie Torres, Social Media Leader

Remote Office Staff (Part-time)

Nikki Bennett, Social Media

Nick Torres, Support Staff